The Sundae Singers (2013)
Another terrific Tybee Island summer is underway and Johnny Jamison’s Sundae Shoppe tries to keep up with the refreshment demands of the many beachgoers. Having recruited a curious group of locals known as The Sundae Singers to attract even more customers, Johnny seems to have the world on a string. Nonetheless, youthful dreams of greener pastures and a flirting girlfriend urge Johnny to file for an overseas franchise - in the land of his Irish ancestors!

However, Johnny checks off the wrong box in his franchise application and winds up with the exclusive Sundae Shoppe in northwest Africa, a land where the transformative magic of ice cream is underappreciated. A wandering band of drifters appears and discovers how ice cream can impact their nomadic lives. Johnny becomes a hero but is kidnapped by evil forces. Left at the edge of the desert, Johnny concludes that he was better off back in the Low-Country Coastal Empire!
*Photos Courtesy of Carol Kiel. Poster Artwork by Nathan Daniel.