First Dance (2011)
After years of clinical research, Professor Omar Valentino arrives in Savannah to field- test a unique theory on marital bliss. His hypothesis: carefully selected music for a bride and groom’s First Dance seals the relationship, ensuring a lifetime of happiness! Conversely, music hastily chosen will in all probability lead only to the enrichment of divorce lawyers.

Word has already spread throughout Savannah and a host of locals arrive seeking suggestions from Omar the Musicologist, who has linked his practice with the counseling services of an itinerant and boisterous minister. Partners remarrying learn why their prior unions were doomed to fail, while other townsfolk vested in dysfunctional relationships continue efforts to put asunder those whom God hath joined together!

Proving that music remains both language of the heart and the cementing element of a happy marriage, Savannah hears the greatest of all love songs - keeping the whole world singing in perfect and lifelong harmony!
*Photos Courtesy of Analisa Brown & Diedeliff Cronjé. Poster Artwork by Mallory Pearce & Nathan Daniel.