Remember Radio (2010)
If you never had the opportunity to attend a live radio broadcast during the Golden Age of Radio, you were in for a genuine treat. The KORD Radio Emcee and Sound Technician will be in firm (?) control of this entertainment extravaganza, while ensuring the timely participation of our studio audience in a coast to coast hookup!

13th Colony Sound performed a tribute to our Armed Forces and also honor Savannah’s Favorite Son, Johnny Mercer, by singing a couple of Johnny’s hits - including one forgotten 1937 classic, especially arranged for our Chorus. An added attraction was a suspenseful episode from the archives of that famous sleuth, Bart Holiday! Featuring great songs and chords rung in the barbershop style, “Remember Radio” provided a hilarious evening of songs, gags, and suspense for the entire family.
*Photos Courtesy of Rachel Self & Alli Corbitt.