And the Angels Sing (2009)
On July 15, 2007, 13th Colony Sound was invited to participate in the celebration of the l00th Anniversary of Savannah's Bonaventure Cemetery. Unaccustomed to celebrations in burial places, our Chorus members noted a number of unusual events that day, especially those occurring near the grave of Savannah's Favorite Son and America's greatest lyricist, Johnny Herndon Mercer.

Johnny's spirit had not yet passed to the next realm and is very much alive in Bonaventure's usually peaceful setting. Johnny is uncertain of how his deeds on earth will be judged and angry at how quickly his arrangements have been forgotten. His Guardian Angel remains on duty, reminding Johnny of a Pearly Gate deadline to face the music namely, his 100th Birthday on November 18, 2009. Johnny and his Angel reviewed a few life experiences, from which we learn the inspiration of many complex compositions.
*Photos Courtesy of Carol Kiel.