Barber of Seville, GA (2008)
The show centered around a feud between a parson in a dry county and a saloon keeper in a wet county. The "Barber" shop sat on the county line and the "Barber" was finally successful in bringing about a happy ending. This was our first show under our new director Jeremy Conover. Quartets featured were Fully Invested, Driftaway, Savannah Skylarks as well as additional quartets assembled specifically for this show. The Savannah Arts Academy Skylark Chorus and a quartet, Downtown Sound, composed of students we sponsored at the Dixie Harmony Explosion Weekend, also sang. The Moon River Chorus was once again part of the show. Erin Love sang two solos - "Over The Rainbow" and "When You Wish Upon A Star."
*Photos Courtesy of Carol Kiel. Poster Artwork by Mallory Pearce.